Brain Dates

ChangSchoolTalks is proud to present the Brain Date Hub, an innovative platform that helps you find like-minded people to meet one-on-one and share knowledge. Think about how your insights and expertise could change someone’s life. Imagine…if you could pick anybody’s brain, what would you want to learn?

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Tell a bit about yourself and create offers & requests for knowledge.

Step 2: Book Brain Dates

Book Brain Dates by exploring the offers and sending meeting requests.

Step 3: Meet in Person

Learn something new or share your experience.

About E-180

Brain Dates are powered by E-180. E-180 stems from the hard-held belief that all humans possess the power to develop their full potential autonomously, with a little help from their community. They believe that education is a relationship, not an institution, and that one hour of our time may change another person’s life.

At conferences, E-180 works to transform events into peer-learning communities, using both their matchmaking technology and the onsite presence of their professional matchmakers. Nothing is left to chance; they ensure that participants meet and share knowledge with the right people through Brain Dates.