Higher Ed

Dr. Sylvester Arnab

Sylvester is a Professor in Game Science and a Research and Innovation Lead at Coventry University's Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL). Game Science refers to playful and gameful methodologies for user engagement, experience design, and behavioural change, which include investigations of the impact of applied gaming, serious gaming, game-based intervention, gamification, and playful techniques in various domains, underpinned by pedagogical, motivational, and psychological theories and practices. With over 10 years research experience in simulation, serious games, and gamification combined, his research interests include gameful, playful, and persuasive designs that transform ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences. He has a large portfolio of funded projects (https://sylvesterarnab.com/featured-projects/) and publications (https://sylvesterarnab.com/publications/) in the domain. He co-founded the GameChangers – Game Design Thinking initiative (gamify.org.uk), which is also being adopted and adapted in other countries, such as Malaysia (myCapsule.my).