Atsusi "2c" Hirumi, PhD

Dr. Hirumi is a Professor of Instructional Design & Technology at the University of Central Florida. After spending his formative years in Nairobi, Kenya, He earned his BS in Biology from Purdue University, his MA in Educational Technology from San Diego State University, and his PhD in Instructional Systems from Florida State University.

Over the past 20 years, his research, teaching, and service has centered on the design of e-learning environments. He has worked with faculty, staff and administration at universities, K-12 school districts, medical institutions, corporations, and the military across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, and the Middle East to establish online and hybrid training and educational degree programs.

His research now focuses on advancing experiential learning by integrating elements of story, play, and game with experiential learning principles to evoke emotions, spark imagination, and create engaging and memorable learning experiences. He recently served as a Co-Investigator for a $1.8 million NIH Grant to create an innovative virtual patient simulation for medical students based on his instructional InterPLAY theory, and is now collaborating with UCF's College of Medicine to lay down the foundation for a major curriculum innovation initiative.

Dr. Hirumi has published over 30 refereed journal articles, 20 book chapters, and has made over 100 presentations at international, national, and state conferences on e-learning and the design of innovative learning environments. He has edited a book on Playing Games in Schools and a series of three books on Grounded Designs for Online and Hybrid Learning, published by the International Society for Technology in Education.